RBC 2020 Continuing Education


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Creating Health: Pharmacist-Led Lifestyle and Weight Management

Obesity is the symptom of the body adapting and adjusting to its current culture and environment. Medications, genetics, culture? How can we help our patients? How can we help ourselves?  Dr. Kathy Campbell, a community pharmacy owner, has built a business helping patients in her community stop the biochemical chaos and lose weight. Dr. Kathy break downs the pieces of this complex puzzle and how your pharmacy can improve your bottom line with a biochemistry-based weight management program.

Wednesday July 15th, 8 am – 5:30 pm
Cost: $250

NCPA SurThrival Workshop

Get the tools to not only survive but thrive in today's ultra-complex, ultra-competitive environment. Among the topics we'll cover are managing your financials, training staff for a successful medication synchronization program, maximizing your staff's effectiveness, creating a marketing plan, diversifying your revenue portfolio with niche services, using a front-end profitability analysis, and more.

Wednesday July 15th, 8 am – 5:30 pm
Cost: Free (included with RBC registration)

APhA Pharmacy-based Immunization Delivery

APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery certificate training program (14th Edition) is based on national educational standards for immunization training from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This practice-based curriculum represents a fusion of science and clinical pharmacy. The program, which emphasizes a health care team approach, seeks to foster the implementation of interventions that will promote disease prevention and public health.

Wednesday July 15th, 8 am – 5 pm
Cost: $250


Basic Life Support

The BLS Instructor-led course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on High-Quality CPR and team dynamics.

Wednesday July 15th, 1 – 4:30 pm

Friday, July 17th, 12:15 – 3:45 pm

Saturday, July 18th, 9:15 am – 12:45 pm

Cost: Free (included with RBC registration)

Continuing Education - 90 minute classes

To be scheduled Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Full schedule with times and days coming soon. Schedule is subject to change.


Chic-fil-A Culture: The Secret Sauce for a Positive Work Environment  

Culture is not just a buzz word, it is a pivotal part to your business' success.  With online reviews and competitive markets, every customer-patient interaction makes a difference.  Join Chick-fil-A multi-restaurant owner and best-selling author, Arthur Greeno, as he shares business pearls from his experience and provides you with the tools necessary for turning employees into ambassadors of your pharmacy.


Changing the Pharmacy Payment Model in Your State

More than 25 states pulled back the preverbal Rx curtain in 2019 alone to reveal PBMs pocketing millions of dollars at taxpayers’ expense. Through local relationships, community pharmacy pioneers and government officials have turned their state’s Medicaid system on its head—enacting reimbursement benchmarks, demanding state Medicaid oversight, and encouraging any willing provider. Find out how they made their case, how they got legislator buy-in, and how you can help propel change in your local area.


Essential Ingredients for a Natural Niche

The global natural and organic market accounted for nearly $11.5 billion in 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down.  As more consumers of all ages move toward being proactive instead of reactive to their health, it’s time for pharmacy to get ahead of the curve in the natural products space.  This includes everything from supplements to lotions. In this session, NCPA’s Gabe Trahan will guide you on what natural product categories you should be focusing on, share the developing trends in natural products, and help you find that sweet spot where your new lines are to be displayed.  You don’t want to miss out on the next step in health care, do you?


Balancing Your Books: Accounting Secrets to Ensure You and Your Business Thrive

Smart accounting is not just a recommendation, it’s a necessity.  Keeping the books up to date and accurate is key to managing cash flow and assessing the financial health of your business.  In this session cover everything from understanding items on a balance sheet to examining a profit and loss statement to ensure that you are ready to be an accounting master for your pharmacy.


Tracking Patient Care Encounters Over Time

Care planning may seem like a daunting task, but it is simpler than you think. Documenting patient encounters is not only important for payers, but your own pharmacy efficiency. During this program, learn how easy it can be to create a care plan and how to build this new habit into your workflow.


Interpreting Results: Why Pharmacogenomics is the Next 'Can't Miss' Service Venture

Due to recent FDA regulations, labs are not able to interpret pharmacogenomic test results, opening the playing field for pharmacy. Delve into the potential that pharmacogenomics can bring to your pharmacy, the role that genetics can play in a patient's health beyond solely medications and walk away with the building blocks for starting a program and improving your revenue.


Need to Knows for Positioning Yourself as the Expert on Hemp

Doctors are recommending it, patients are seeking and buying it, all types of stores are selling it, but is hemp right for you? Get the latest on the legal and regulatory front, the business opportunity, potential risks, and the science behind it all.


Leveraging Functional Medicine to Treat Thyroid Disease

More than 12 percent of the population will have a thyroid disease during their lifetime, accounting for nearly 20 million Americans.  With thyroid dysfunction appearing in many forms, utilizing an individual approach for managing the disease is necessary for optimizing health outcomes.  In this session, get a clinical review of thyroid disease and how to treat patients utilizing a functional lens.


Clinical Pearls and Immunization Updates in less than 90 Minutes

Pharmacy practice is forever evolving with new drugs coming to market and treatment methods continuously improving.  In this fast-paced session, learn the latest in patient care, including a focus on immunizations, and how to incorporate these clinical tips into your workflow. 


Effective Strategies for Utilizing Staff to Achieve Your Clinical Workflow Goals

In today's pharmacy world we are asking for opportunities beyond dispensing, but are struggling to incorporate our staff into the model. In a recognized provider's visit, you are typically checked in for your appointment by office staff, triaged by a medical assistant or nurse, and then seen for clinical expertise of the provider, yet in a pharmacy it is still common practice for the pharmacist to be doing everything. Incorporating the pharmacist only at needed therapeutic decision making points is key to moving our profession forward. Walk away from this session ready to engage your pharmacy team to reach your clinical workflow goals and add instant profitability to your business.


Top Tips for Avoiding Audit Claw Backs

An omission or simple mistake can cost you thousands during a pharmacy audit. Believe it or not, there are pharmacies out there with a nearly 100 percent success rate in avoiding audit claw backs. Owners of these pharmacies credit their workflow and staff-led audit review systems with their success, but PBMs are always looking for a new tactic to exploit. Take in frontline advice on preventing costly audits before they rob you. Plus, get an expert review of the latest PBM audit targets and how to defend yourself in this session.


Annual Wellness Visits: Uncovering Blind Spots and Adding Revenue

Medicare Part B covers an annual wellness visit, and pharmacists can conduct these visits under a physician’s supervision and be reimbursed at the same rate. Pharmacists across the country are collaborating with physicians to conduct annual wellness visits, and you can do it too. Navigate potential roadblocks for physician collaboration and strategies to maximize your profits. This session includes real-life scenarios, the pathways to billing for your patient care services, and some of the basics of and barriers to medical billing.


Completing the Team: Optimizing your Staff with a Community Health Worker

Community health workers are frontline local public health workers who serve as a link between health/social services and their community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. During this program learn why "adding" a community health worker to your pharmacy will lead to greater efficiency and save patient lives.


How Community Pharmacies Are Profitably Providing Enhanced Care  

Based on visits and interviews with scores of pharmacies, this program describes how community pharmacies are providing; and, getting paid for providing, patent centric care.  Some of these services are being supported by third-party reimbursement and some are being paid for by the people getting the care.  This program will provide details on how these pharmacies decided which services to provide, where they received the support they needed to implement the program and how providing these enhanced care services have had a synergistic effect on their traditional dispensing services.


3 Unique Service Ideas to Transform Your Front-End Business

As we continue to look for ways to diversify revenue in the pharmacy, the next big opportunities exist on the other side of the counter.  In this session, learn from a panel of your peers who are incorporating new services tied to front-end products that will engage your patients and help your bottom line.  From hearing aids to food sensitivity tests and products specific to new or expecting moms - undoubtedly, there is an opportunity here for you to tap into and incorporate as soon as you get back to your pharmacy!


Opportunities for Addressing Mental Health

Over the past few years, the number of reported mental health issues has continued to rise. To meet this growth, pharmacy is strategically placed to serve as a destination for patients challenged by a mental health disorder. This session will review the most common mental health disorders, how to recognize signs and symptoms of crisis, and how you can be part of the path to recovery.


A Step-By-Step Guide for Turning What you Learned into an Implementation Success

You've heard tons of new ideas, but how do you actually incorporate what you've learned when you get back to your pharmacy?  In this session, fellow pharmacist Travis Wolff and founder of PharmFurther will coach you through the critical thinking necessary for understanding the what, hows and whys for implementing new ideas and services into your current workflow and practice.


Key Considerations for Transitioning Pharmacy Ownership

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, there is much to consider when transitioning a pharmacy from one owner to another.  In this session, learn key considerations for sellers to keep their pharmacy independent and ensure a smooth transition as ownership changes hands.


Treating Patients for Opioid Use Disorder

Understanding addiction as a disease state is essential to delivering the best care to patients who are receiving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Join our speaker to review the common medications used in MAT and counseling points to ensure your pharmacy staff provides an environment for recovery. 


Improving the Business Environment Together

NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey will outline strategic initiatives for community pharmacy, including how to communicate independent pharmacy’s value to consumers, and opportunities for pharmacy owners to be engaged in the action. Get the latest developments from the Hill and around the country and insights on what the Supreme Court case, Rutledge v. PCMA means for your business in this session.



LTC Sessions


Long-Term Care in the Community Setting  

Do you want to move into a nursing facility? Most likely, your patients don’t either. Some pharmacies have grown their market share by offering medical-at-home services. Providing long-term care services to patients who might otherwise be in a nursing home can help patients stay in the community longer. Get the ins and outs on potential services, billing procedures, and referral sources from successful pharmacy operators.


The Long-Term Care Pharmacy of the Future, Today

Top performing LTC pharmacies focus their energy on increasing operational efficiencies and developing facility relationships as a process of continuous improvement. Take a step from back your own operation, and assess your ability to optimize technology, fully utilize tools that are already available in your pharmacy, optimize delivery routes and courier integration, meet your customers’ needs and more during this program.